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Faculty Mentoring Undergrads Form Submission Instructions

UNLEASH is an endeavor to match UVa undergraduate students with research opportunities sponsored by UVa faculty. Thank you for your interest in joining the many faculty mentoring undergraduate students here at UVa.  

Please prepare the following UNLEASH faculty profile materials for submission to UNLEASH: 

  1. A photo (.tiff, .jpeg, or .png) to be displayed on your UNLEASH profile
  2. Research Interests and Specialization
    • One to two sentence brief description
  3. Research Focus 
    • A one or two paragraph/s that give the student the “big picture” with regard to your research. You may discuss the general focus of your research and basic methodologies and/or your current research goals
  4. Submit this information here:

Faculty Mentoring Undergrads Form Submission


The information gathered on this form will be placed into Curvita. To learn more about Curvita, please please visit "What is Curvita?" Page.  UNLEASH Program Administrator will input this information and grant you access to Curvita to edit and/or update your profile.  



Email Brian Cullaty at or phone 434-924-3306.