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Engelhard, Victor

Victor Engelhard

Primary Appointment

Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology

Contact Information

Carter Immunology Center
Charlottesville, Virginia 22908
Telephone: 434-924-2423
Fax: 434-924-1221

Research Interests

Identification of MHC-restricted tumor antigens / Control of T cell homing to tumors / Tertiary lymphoid structures and intratumoral immunity

Research Description

Our research centers on understanding immune responses to tumors, and ways to enhance them for therapy. These responses depend on CD8 T lymphocytes, which recognize specific antigens on the tumor cell, leading to its destruction. Our work is in 3 major areas. First, we identify antigens that tumor cells display. These antigens are small peptides produced by degradation of intracellular proteins, which are then captured by MHC molecules and displayed at the surface. Recently, we showed that some of these peptides are phosphorylated, and displayed on cancer cells but not their normal counterparts. These peptides come from phosphoproteins associated with cellular signaling and growth control, and may be important targets for tumor immunotherapy. Some of these peptides are now in clinical trials at UVA as cancer vaccines. Second, we are evaluating the mechanisms that control the entry of CD8 T cells into tumors. A large fraction of tumors shows no detectable lymphocyte infiltration, and these patients have a worse prognosis. We identified the homing receptors that are upregulated on effector CD8 T cells activated in different secondary lymphoid organs, and established their importance in mediated entry of these cells into tumors. We also identified the homing receptor ligands expressed on tumor-associated vasculature and established that their expression is suboptimal. Current work is concerned with understanding the mechanisms that control their expression as a means to enhance T cell infiltration and tumor control. Finally, we have established that parts of tumor associated vasculature express molecules characteristic of lymph node vasculature. This leads to the infiltration and intratumoral activation of na?ve T cells, and can also lead to the formation of structures resembling lymph nodes inside the tumor. We are determining the importance of these structures in developing an ongoing intratumoral immune response that would augment control of tumor growth.

Selected Publications

Leick KM, Rodriguez AB, Melssen MM, Benamar M, Lindsay RS, Eki R, Du KP, Parlak M, Abbas T, Engelhard VH, Slingluff CL, The Barrier Molecules Junction Plakoglobin, Filaggrin, and Dystonin Play Roles in Melanoma Growth and Angiogenesis., 2019; Annals of surgery. 270(4) 712-722 PMID: 31425296 |

Leick KM, Pinczewski J, Mauldin IS, Young SJ, Deacon DH, Woods AN, Bosenberg MW, Engelhard VH, Slingluff CL, Patterns of immune-cell infiltration in murine models of melanoma: roles of antigen and tissue site in creating inflamed tumors., 2019; Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII. 68(7) 1121-1132 PMID: 31134297 |

Santambrogio L, Berendam SJ, Engelhard VH, The Antigen Processing and Presentation Machinery in Lymphatic Endothelial Cells., 2019; Frontiers in immunology. 10() 1033 PMID: 31134089 | PMCID: PMC6513971

Berendam SJ, Koeppel AF, Godfrey NR, Rouhani SJ, Woods AN, Rodriguez AB, Peske JD, Cummings KL, Turner SD, Engelhard VH, Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis Identifies a Range of Immunologically Related Functional Elaborations of Lymph Node Associated Lymphatic and Blood Endothelial Cells., 2019; Frontiers in immunology. 10() 816 PMID: 31057546 | PMCID: PMC6478037

Melssen MM, Olson W, Wages NA, Capaldo BJ, Mauldin IS, Mahmutovic A, Hutchison C, Melief CJM, Bullock TN, Engelhard VH, Slingluff CL, Formation and phenotypic characterization of CD49a, CD49b and CD103 expressing CD8 T cell populations in human metastatic melanoma., 2018; Oncoimmunology. 7(10) e1490855 PMID: 30288359 | PMCID: PMC6169593

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Engelhard VH, Rodriguez AB, Mauldin IS, Woods AN, Peske JD, Slingluff CL, Immune Cell Infiltration and Tertiary Lymphoid Structures as Determinants of Antitumor Immunity., 2018; Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 200(2) 432-442 PMID: 29311385 | PMCID: PMC5777336

Woods AN, Wilson AL, Srivinisan N, Zeng J, Dutta AB, Peske JD, Tewalt EF, Gregg RK, Ferguson AR, Engelhard VH, Differential Expression of Homing Receptor Ligands on Tumor-Associated Vasculature that Control CD8 Effector T-cell Entry., 2017; Cancer immunology research. 5(12) 1062-1073 PMID: 29097419 | PMCID: PMC6069521

Mohammed F, Stones DH, Zarling AL, Willcox CR, Shabanowitz J, Cummings KL, Hunt DF, Cobbold M, Engelhard VH, Willcox BE, The antigenic identity of human class I MHC phosphopeptides is critically dependent upon phosphorylation status., 2017; Oncotarget. 8(33) 54160-54172 PMID: 28903331 | PMCID: PMC5589570

Malaker SA, Ferracane MJ, Depontieu FR, Zarling AL, Shabanowitz J, Bai DL, Topalian SL, Engelhard VH, Hunt DF, Identification and Characterization of Complex Glycosylated Peptides Presented by the MHC Class II Processing Pathway in Melanoma., 2016; Journal of proteome research. 16(1) 228-237 PMID: 27550523 | PMCID: PMC5218890

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Peske JD, Woods AB, Engelhard VH, Control of CD8 T-Cell Infiltration into Tumors by Vasculature and Microenvironment., 2015; Advances in cancer research. 128() 263-307 PMID: 26216636 | PMCID: PMC4638417

Peske JD, Thompson ED, Gemta L, Baylis RA, Fu YX, Engelhard VH, Effector lymphocyte-induced lymph node-like vasculature enables naive T-cell entry into tumours and enhanced anti-tumour immunity., 2015; Nature communications. 6() 7114 PMID: 25968334 | PMCID: PMC4435831

Cohen JN, Tewalt EF, Rouhani SJ, Buonomo EL, Bruce AN, Xu X, Bekiranov S, Fu YX, Engelhard VH, Tolerogenic properties of lymphatic endothelial cells are controlled by the lymph node microenvironment., 2014; PloS one. 9(2) e87740 PMID: 24503860 | PMCID: PMC3913631

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