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Scanlon, Todd

Todd Scanlon

Primary Appointment

Environmental Sciences

Contact Information

Telephone: 434-924-3382
Fax: 434-982-2137

Research Interests

Land-atmosphere interaction; climate-vegetation modeling; and catchment hydrology

Research Description

My primary research interests are in the areas of (1) catchment hydrology, focusing on hydrological and geochemical transport processes, and (2) land-atmosphere interaction, including the exchange of water, energy, and gaseous compounds such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane between the terrestrial surface and the atmosphere. I seek to develop an integrated understanding of how the hydrological cycle, vegetation processes, and atmospheric dynamics are linked as well as how these connections are manifest in terms of nutrient cycling and ecosystem function. My research combines a balance of field, remote sensing, and numerical modeling methods to address these issues over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales. Current field locations for my research include Shenandoah National Park, Ireland, and southern Africa.

Selected Publications

Saha M. V, Scanlon T. M, D'Odorico P. , Examining the linkage between shrub encroachment and recent greening in water-limited southern Africa, ; Ecosphere. 6(9) 1-16 |

Converse Amber D, Riscassi Ami L, Scanlon Todd M, Seasonal contribution of dewfall to mercury deposition determined using a micrometeorological technique and dew chemistry, ; Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres. 119(1) 284-292 |

Rice KC, Scanlon TM, Lynch JA, Cosby BJ, Decreased atmospheric sulfur deposition across the Southeastern U.S.: when will watersheds release stored sulfate?, 2014; Environmental science & technology. 48(17) 10071-8 PMID: 25046800 |

Robison Andrew L, Scanlon Todd M, Cosby Bernard J, Webb James R, Galloway James N, Roles of sulfate adsorption and base cation supply in controlling the chemical response of streams of western Virginia to reduced acid deposition, ; Biogeochemistry. 116(1) 119-130 |

Riscassi Ami L., Scanlon Todd M., Particulate and dissolved mercury export in streamwater within three mid-Appalachian forested watersheds in the US, ; Journal of Hydrology. 501(1) 92-100 |

Gunda Thushara , Scanlon Todd M, Topographical Influences on the Spatial Distribution of Soil Mercury at the Catchment Scale, ; Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 224(5) |

Riscassi AL, Converse AD, Hokanson KJ, Scanlon TM, Evaluation of automated streamwater sampling during storm events for total mercury analysis., 2010; Journal of environmental monitoring : JEM. 12(10) 1833-9 PMID: 20848013 |

Scanlon TM, Caylor KK, Levin SA, Rodriguez-Iturbe I, Positive feedbacks promote power-law clustering of Kalahari vegetation., 2007; Nature. 449(7159) 209-12 PMID: 17851523 |