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Grossmann, Tobias

Tobias Grossmann

Primary Appointment


Contact Information

485 McCormick Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Research Interests

Brain processes that underpin social interaction and cognition during infancy

Research Description

I study the early development of the social and affective abilities that enable us to interact with others and make sense of their social behavior. In particular, I am interested in the brain processes that underpin social interaction and cognition during infancy. I study the development of social brain functions across a range of situations in which infants can glean information from various different sources such as faces, voices, or biological motion. Moreover, my work aims at understanding how social development varies across infants and what genetic and environmental factors give rise to such individual differences. For more information about Dr. Grossman's research please visit UNLEASH: Undergraduates interested in research assistant positions should complete the application form at

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