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Wilson, Timothy

Timothy Wilson

Primary Appointment


Contact Information

Telephone: 924-0674

Research Interests

Affective forecasting, self-knowledge, social cognition, self-reflection, social psychological interventions

Research Description

Affective forecasting, self-knowledge, social cognition, self-reflection, social psychological interventions See the web site for the social psychology area: UNLEASH (Undergraduate Research) Our lab invites motivated, sharp, and sociable undergraduates to help us prepare and run studies that explore people?s emotions and thoughts. We study people?s knowledge about their own feelings, behaviors, abilities and personalities. Our research focus is on emotional reaction to different events in life, and an individual's ability to predict his or her own reaction. RAs are involved in all parts of the research process. Their main responsibility is to run social psychology studies, process and analyze the results, and see how the results fit social psychology theories. There are also lab meetings where research issues are discussed. Everyone who works in our lab is required to do so for course credit. Consequently, application must be made before the Coruse Add deadline. for the semester. Contact: Nick Buttrick [] Website:

Selected Publications

Wilson TD, Reinhard DA, Westgate EC, Gilbert DT, Ellerbeck N, Hahn C, Brown CL, Shaked A, Social psychology. Just think: the challenges of the disengaged mind., 2014; Science (New York, N.Y.). 345(6192) 75-7 PMID: 24994650 | PMCID: PMC4330241

Quoidbach J, Gilbert DT, Wilson TD, The end of history illusion., 2013; Science (New York, N.Y.). 339(6115) 96-8 PMID: 23288539 |

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Gilbert DT, Killingsworth MA, Eyre RN, Wilson TD, The surprising power of neighborly advice., 2009; Science (New York, N.Y.). 323(5921) 1617-9 PMID: 19299622 |

Gilbert DT, Wilson TD, Prospection: experiencing the future., 2007; Science (New York, N.Y.). 317(5843) 1351-4 PMID: 17823345 |

Wilson TimothyD., Strangers to Ourselves , ; Harvard University Press. () |