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Balachandran, Prasanna

Prasanna Balachandran

Primary Appointment

Materials Science and Engineering

Contact Information

395 Wilsdorf Hall
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Telephone: 4349243829

Research Interests

Materials Informatics

Research Description

Today, many critical technological applications that drive the modern world rely on the design and discovery of advanced materials. Traditionally, new materials are discovered by a trial-and-error approach. But, this approach can be ineffective especially when we have a large search space to explore (spanning millions and 100's of millions of possibilities). My group works on developing novel and innovative computational approaches built on the foundations of artificial intelligence, machine learning, physics, and materials science to accelerate the discovery of new materials. We predict new materials with interesting properties that others have not thought about (yet) and we also try to understand why some materials behave the way they do. By combining fundamental science with advanced computational capabilities, it is our hope that we can design better materials for future needs. We also collaborate closely with experimental, theoretical, and computational colleagues at UVa and beyond.

Selected Publications

No publications were found for this faculty member.