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Reppucci, Nicholas

Nicholas Reppucci

Primary Appointment


Contact Information

Telephone: 924-0662

Research Interests

Children, families and the law

Research Description

Research on children, families and the law, including adolescent decision making in legal contexts, especially adolescent competence to consent to sexual activity; adolescent development and juvenile justice; risk and protective factors in youth violence and their implication for preventive interventions in the community, especially justice and educational settings; police interrogation of children and youth; female youthful offenders, teen violence in dating relationships; and other issues related to the legal system and public policy. Also community psychology and prevention science as they impact children and families. Finally, Reppucci is affiliated with the Program on Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology in the Curry School of Education at UVA. Summary of findings from research on teen dating violence among low-income/service receiving adolescents: Project DATE Brochure: UNLEASH (Undergraduate Research) Project DATE is a research project examining the quality of romantic relationships among adolescents in our community. Specifically, this project is intended to provide local information about (a) the frequency of teen dating violence and victimization among at-risk adolescents in our community, (b) the risk factors related to experiencing relationship violence, and (c) the protective factors which predict positive relationship outcomes. This study has concluded data collection, therefore RA duties will primarily include: coding data, assisting with basic data cleaning, reviewing and summarizing articles relevant to the study, and tracking adolescents enrolled in the study for future possible data collection. Contact: Alison Nagel

Selected Publications

Oudekerk BA, Guarnera LA, Reppucci ND, Older opposite-sex romantic partners, sexual risk, and victimization in adolescence., 2014; Child abuse & neglect. 38(7) 1238-48 PMID: 24731760 |

Oudekerk BA, Farr RH, Reppucci ND, Is it love or sexual abuse? Young adults' perceptions of statutory rape., 2013; Journal of child sexual abuse. 22(7) 858-77 PMID: 24125086 |

Oudekerk BA, Erbacher MK, Reppucci ND, A comparison of diversity, frequency, and severity self-reported offending scores among female offending youth., 2012; Psychological assessment. 24(3) 738-50 PMID: 22250596 |

Chauhan P, Reppucci ND, The impact of neighborhood disadvantage and exposure to violence on self-report of antisocial behavior among girls in the juvenile justice system., 2009; Journal of youth and adolescence. 38(3) 401-16 PMID: 19636753 |

Odgers CL, Burnette ML, Chauhan P, Moretti MM, Reppucci ND, Misdiagnosing the problem: mental health profiles of incarcerated juveniles., 2008; The Canadian child and adolescent psychiatry review = La revue canadienne de psychiatrie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent. 14(1) 26-9 PMID: 19030498 | PMCID: PMC2538725

Meyer JR, Reppucci ND, Police practices and perceptions regarding juvenile interrogation and interrogative suggestibility., 2007; Behavioral sciences & the law. 25(6) 757-80 PMID: 18046744 |

Owen-Kostelnik J, Reppucci ND, Meyer JR, Testimony and interrogation of minors: assumptions about maturity and morality., 2006; The American psychologist. 61(4) 286-304 PMID: 16719674 |