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Zhigilei, Leonid

Leonid Zhigilei

Primary Appointment

Materials Science and Engineering

Contact Information

PO Box 400745, 395 McCormick Road
Charlottesville, VA 22904
Telephone: 434- 243-3582
Fax: 434- 982-5660

Research Interests

Computational Materials Science

Research Description

Professor Zhigilei's research interests include computational materials science, development of multiple length and time-scale computational methods for materials modeling, theoretical and numerical analysis of the dynamic non-equilibrium processes in materials undergoing processing by short laser pulses, investigation of the microscopic mechanisms of phase transformations, and properties of nanostructured and non-crystalline materials.

Selected Publications

Shih CY, Shugaev MV, Wu C, Zhigilei LV, Generation of Subsurface Voids, Incubation Effect, and Formation of Nanoparticles in Short Pulse Laser Interactions with Bulk Metal Targets in Liquid: Molecular Dynamics Study., 2017; The journal of physical chemistry. C, Nanomaterials and interfaces. 121(30) 16549-16567 PMID: 28798858 | PMCID: PMC5545760

Shugaev, M. V., Wu C., Armbruster O., Naghilou A., Brouwer N., Ivanov D. S., Derrien T. J.-Y. , Bulgakova N. M. , Kautek W., Rethfeld B. , Zhigilei L. V., Fundamentals of ultrafast laser-material interaction, ; MRS Bulletin. 41(12) 960-968 |

Zou J, Wu C, Robertson WD, Zhigilei LV, Miller RJ, Molecular dynamics investigation of desorption and ion separation following picosecond infrared laser (PIRL) ablation of an ionic aqueous protein solution., 2016; The Journal of chemical physics. 145(20) 204202 PMID: 27908131 |

Shih CY, Wu C, Shugaev MV, Zhigilei LV, Atomistic modeling of nanoparticle generation in short pulse laser ablation of thin metal films in water., 2016; Journal of colloid and interface science. 489() 3-17 PMID: 27773383 |

Sedao X, Shugaev MV, Wu C, Douillard T, Esnouf C, Maurice C, Reynaud S, Pigeon F, Garrelie F, Zhigilei LV, Colombier JP, Growth Twinning and Generation of High-Frequency Surface Nanostructures in Ultrafast Laser-Induced Transient Melting and Resolidification., 2016; ACS nano. 10(7) 6995-7007 PMID: 27386891 |

Shugaev M. V., Manzo A. J., Wu C., Zaitsev V. Yu., Helvajian H., Zhigilei L. V., Strong enhancement of surface diffusion by nonlinear surface acoustic waves, ; Physical Review B. 91(23) 235450 |

Wu C. , Christensen M. S., Savolainen J.-M., Balling P., Zhigilei L. V., Generation of sub-surface voids and a nanocrystalline surface layer in femtosecond laser irradiation of a single crystal Ag target, ; Physical Review B. 91(3) 035413 |

Tabetah M, Matei A, Constantinescu C, Mortensen NP, Dinescu M, Schou J, Zhigilei LV, The minimum amount of "matrix" needed for matrix-assisted pulsed laser deposition of biomolecules., 2014; The journal of physical chemistry. B. 118(46) 13290-9 PMID: 25346998 |

Jacobs W.M., Nicholson D.A., Zemer H., Volkov A.N., Zhigilei L.V., Acoustic energy dissipation and thermalization in carbon nanotubes: Atomistic modeling and mesoscopic description, ; Physical Review B. 86(1) 165414 |

Stein O, Lin Z, Zhigilei LV, Asscher M, Selective ablation of Xe from silicon surfaces: molecular dynamics simulations and experimental laser patterning., 2011; The journal of physical chemistry. A. 115(23) 6250-9 PMID: 21513277 |

Volkov AN, Zhigilei LV, Scaling laws and mesoscopic modeling of thermal conductivity in carbon nanotube materials., 2010; Physical review letters. 104(21) 215902 PMID: 20867117 |

Volkov AN, Zhigilei LV, Structural stability of carbon nanotube films: the role of bending buckling., 2010; ACS nano. 4(10) 6187-95 PMID: 20931973 |

Zhigilei Leonid V., Lin Zhibin , Ivanov Dmitriy S., Atomistic modeling of short pulse laser ablation of metals: Connections between melting, spallation, and phase explosion, ; The journal of physical chemistry C . 113(27) 11892-11906 |

Leveugle E, Sellinger A, Fitz-Gerald JM, Zhigilei LV, Making molecular balloons in laser-induced explosive boiling of polymer solutions., 2007; Physical review letters. 98(21) 216101 PMID: 17677786 |

Ivanov DS, Zhigilei LV, Kinetic limit of heterogeneous melting in metals., 2007; Physical review letters. 98(19) 195701 PMID: 17677632 |

Ivanov DS, Zhigilei LV, Effect of pressure relaxation on the mechanisms of short-pulse laser melting., 2003; Physical review letters. 91(10) 105701 PMID: 14525491 |

Zhigilei LV, Leveugle E, Garrison BJ, Yingling YG, Zeifman MI, Computer simulations of laser ablation of molecular substrates., 2003; Chemical reviews. 103(2) 321-48 PMID: 12580634 |