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Canfora, Anselmo

Anselmo Canfora

Primary Appointment


Contact Information

Telephone: 434-924-7057

Research Interests

reCOVER / Design Thinking

Research Description

In 2007, Anselmo founded Initiative reCOVER, a research project established to assist disaster recovery efforts and underserved populations through partnerships with humanitarian, community-based organizations, professional firms and manufacturers. Initiative reCOVER promotes a collaborative entrepreneurial interdisciplinary spirit in service of hands-on, design-build learning experiences, and the advancement of building technologies, methods, and materials. Based on a fundamental philosophy that design and building processes are dialectically interdependent, a building is not simply considered a result, outcome, or even a product of design, but instead it is promoted as a collaborative effort well informed by thoughtful research, substantive interdisciplinary exchanges, and direct community involvement. Architecture and engineering, academic and professional, non-profit and governmental agency partnerships are essential for the efficacy of Initiative reCOVER?s primary goals which are: first, to positively affect the design and building of safe, healthy, and sustainable communities around the world through partnerships with non-profit, humanitarian organizations; second, to focus students? attention on immediate, real-world, hands-on design applications and experiences in service of a comprehensive architectural design education; third, to work to advance translational research in the areas of building materials, methods, techniques and technologies in the discipline of architecture; and fourth, working with industry partners, develop state of the art, production-ready building systems and products to make available for sustainable domestic and international applications.

Selected Publications

No publications were found for this faculty member.