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Nguyen, Tho

Tho Nguyen

Primary Appointment

Computer Science

Contact Information

Telephone: 1 434-924-0205

Research Interests

Physiological Data Processing

Research Description


The Curry School of Education is currently seeking an intern to analyze wearable sensor data (the Computer Science Department is helping with recruiting in SEAS).

This is a PAID internship position that is immediately available.

Position description is below. Due to the time-sensitivity of this position, please email your resume to Dr. Tho Nguyen as soon as you are able. Considerations will be on a rolling first-come-first served basis.

Desired qualifications: numerical analysis skills. MATLAB experience is preferred (but not required).

Position description:

The Bradshaw lab has been collecting physiological data (heart rate, basic signal, galvanic skin response) as part of an ongoing research study in which middle school students wear fitbit-like wristbands during their participation in group intervention sessions. We have approximately 350 hours of data collected from students participating in 10 sessions across 10 intervention groups. Because this data is being collected in a real-world setting rather than a highly controlled laboratory environment, it requires extensive data processing to remove movement artifacts. Previously, we have processed the data manually using a program called MindWare, which requires manual review and identification of r-peaks. We would like to explore alternative approaches, and are seeking an undergraduate research assistant with the technical skills to explore options to expedite or automate the data processing (eg: writing script to process the data in MatLab). Training will be provided on analysis of physiological data using the MindWare analysis program as well. This is a paid position to begin this summer with the potential of continuing during the school year. Upper level engineering students would have the option to use this data for their capstone project. This is an excellent opportunity to build valuable data analysis skills in a cutting edge area of research.

Selected Publications

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