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UNLEASH Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the program?
A: UNLEASH is envisioned as a matching service to allow undergraduates to join labs of their choice. The undergraduate commitment to the lab depends on if they are volunteering, getting paid, or working in lab for semester credits. Most university science departments require a minimum of a 10-hour per week commitment if research is done for credit. Other than this, it depends upon the project on which the undergraduate will work and what the mentor decides.

Q: When do students apply?
A: Students may apply at any time but should expect that they will have the greatest probability of matching with a mentor or research project at the beginning of the semester. However, there is no deadline! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year and will be forwarded to professors on the first and fourteenth of every month.

Q: What are the steps for UNLEASH students to receive credit for this research?
A: After students have been matched with a mentor, they can enroll for a research for credit class through one of the science departments. More information about selecting courses can be obtained from the department through which the student wants to do research for credit.

Q: Will there be funding opportunities available for UNLEASH?
A: UNLEASH does not have a budget to support undergraduate research. There are a variety of mechanisms that may provide funding but these tend to be discipline specific and may be limited to summer or other specific time periods.

Q: What happens to my application after submission?
A: Faculty mentors are made aware of the application in the order of the faculty mentor preference listed in the application. When a faculty mentor is interested in an applicant, he/she will contact the applicant.


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UNLEASH Contact Information:

UNLEASH Undergraduate Research Program
1340 Jefferson Park Avenue, Room 1102
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